About UK Booker

UK Booker is a new UK accommodation search engine; our goal is to help users to book the best accommodation for themselves, offering more than 6000 hotel and apartment choices in more than 1600 towns and cities throughout UK. We provide useful, easy-to-understand content which soon will be available in multiple languages in order to assist foreign tourists and business travelers in planning their visit to all that the UK has to offer.

We want UK Booker to be more than just information with price and star ratings, we are determined to turn it to a powerful tool with the help of which you can receive the newest and the most important information to better plan your visit. We will be adding reams of information in the near future; flights, car hire and information feeds. We treasure your opinion about UK Booker and appreciate your feedback which you can send to us at contact@ukbooker.co.uk

Our industrious team is working hard to bring you new tools to make your hotel selection not just easier but all round better! In the near future we will add important new features, such as the opportunity to book airline tickets, send hotel details to your family and friends for their review, see videos of some of the accommadation, give us feedback about hotels, and much more. At UK booker you don’t need to wait for your hotel confirmation. Just click on a hotel which suits you, check out its facilities and …done! If some details still don’t meet your needs or price then continue to look through the impressive list of hotels we have on offer. When you find one that suits you most make a booking.